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Communication is one of the most essential skills for human beings and Writing Skill forms an important part of communication which helps in expressing oneself better. It has been seen that many times students learn essays/composition by heart. It becomes a matter of concern when children find it difficult to express their original thoughts.

Making Champs, a venture by an IIM alumni, is offering a workshop on Writing Skills for children in the age group of 10 to 13 yrs. It provides step by step and easy to understand technique for writing in limited time. This workshop will help children in developing original ideas, structuring these ideas in a logical manner and then express them in writing. Students will learn to write better essays, compositions, speeches, stories, etc. on their own.

The concept will be explained in an easy-to-understand manner through videos to make the learning experience rich and unique. Children love to watch the video and concept gets covered in different styles of learning (VAKT – Visual, Audio, Kinesthetic and Tactile). The workshop consists of several activities and games which keeps the children engaged and interested throughout the program.

Age group: 10-13 YEARS

Take away benefits:
1)     Better performance in school – writing better essay, story, long answer, speeches, etc.
2)    Expressing oneself in effective way even at short notice.

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1. How many students will be there in one class?
Ans: Around 15 students in one batch.

2. Will all the children get to participate in the activities?
Ans: Yes, we make every child participate in the activities. Apart from this, every child has to share his/ her experience and feedback at the end of the workshop in front of the class.

3. Will such a small intervention help the child?
Ans: Yes, all the concepts relating to Writing Skills are explained in the workshop through a story in an easy to understand language and an interesting way. The concept is explained to the children keeping in mind the different styles of learning – VAKT (visual, audio, kinesthetic, tactile). The children love to watch the videos and grasp the concept using multiple senses.

4. Will we get any written material for future reference?
Ans: A complete self-help book is given to the children in which all the concepts are explained. The book also contains links for the learning videos which make the learning interesting and simple for the children.

5. How my child will be different after attending this workshop?/ What difference will it make to my child?
Ans: The child will be able to express his thoughts clearly. The child will be able to think of his original ideas and structure it in logical sequence which will improve the quality of the Write-up.

6. What else the students are required to do to improve their Writing Skills?
Ans: Nothing can replace practice. Students have to practice writing compositions using the technique learnt in the workshop. Once the child becomes habituated in writing, following this method he will be able to write better in limited time. Completing the exercises given at the back of each chapter in the book will be helpful. 

7. Will this program have any effect on the performance of the child in School?
Ans: Yes definitely. The child will be able to express and write better essays, stories, compositions and big answers.


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