Monday, 16 May 2016

Social Skills Workshop

Making CHAMPS Workshop for Children (2 - Days)

Interacting with people other than family members and close friends can make some people very nervous. It is proven that many people fear having an ice breaking conversation with strangers. Therefore, in parties/ social events even adults end up being in the same social group rather than reaching out to others and make new friends. Children also have similar challenge. Additional challenge with children is that not knowing what to speak with adults. In the current scenario where there are nuclear families, children addicted to gadgets, this exposure is further reduced.

Social smartness is an integral part of ones personality and being good at this has a huge advantage in this competitive world.  

Making Champs, a venture by an IIM alumni, is offering a workshop on Social Skills for children. It covers social etiquettes, conversation skills and telephone manners through a combination of concept and practicals. This workshop will help children in increasing confidence and provide a platform to them for increasing smartness in the social context. 

There are different batches according to the age groups. Contact us for specific details on venue, timing etc.

Take away benefits:
1) Improvement in confidence

2) Handling phone conversation smartly

3) Knowing the art of small conversation - with strangers as well as familiar people

4) Social etiquettes - at your home as well as when you visit someone

For More Details: Call 9870295945/ 9870116557 and visit


1. How many students will be there in one class?
Ans: Around 12-15 students in one batch.

2. Will all the children get to participate in the activities?
Ans: Yes, we make every child participate in the activities. Apart from this, every child has to speak at the end of the workshop in front of audience (including parents).

3. Will such a small intervention help the child?
Ans: Yes, children are intelligent and when they get to know the technique, they grasp it quite fast. Moreover, group learning has additional motivational impact. 

4. Will we get any written material for future reference?
Ans: A booklet is given to the children in which all the concepts are explained. 

5. How my child will be different after attending this workshop?/ What difference will it make to my child?
Ans: This workshop will help the child in increasing his/her self- confidence. The child understands the dos and donts of social behaviour which leaves a positive impression on the people with whom they interact.

6. My child is already very bold and forthcoming? Will this workshop be useful for her?
Ans: It’s a good thing that your child is bold and forthcoming. This workshop will give the right input which will make him/her perform this art perfectly and stand out in the crowd.

7. My child is shy. How a workshop of just few hours will change her?
Ans: In this workshop, the whole concept is not only explained, but is also practiced.  The child will get to know what things he/ she is supposed to do to in a social setting. As he will start using the learnings of the workshop, his/her social skills will improve.

8. Will there be any follow-up sessions?
Ans: No. It’s a standalone workshop. A booklet is given for revising the concept and practicing.
Making Champs offers weekly practice sessions. If you are interested, you can join it post the Workshop. 

9. What else the students are required to do to improve their Social Skills?
Ans: Nothing can replace practice. Students have to try speaking with children as well as adults. As they start doing this more and more, they will become better. 

10. Will this program have any effect on the performance of the child in School?

Ans: Yes definitely. The child will become more assertive, vocal and participative in the school activities. His/ her interaction with teacher and peers will improve.

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