Monday, 25 April 2016

Public Speaking Workshop

Making CHAMPS Workshop for Children 


Communication is one of the most essential skills for human beings and Public Speaking forms an important part of communication which builds up the confidence and gives an extra edge to the personality of an individual.

Making Champs, a venture by an IIM alumni, is offering a workshop on Public Speaking for children in the age group of 8 yrs and above. It provides step by step and easy to understand techniques. This workshop will help children in increasing confidence and providing a platform to come forward and speak in front of the audience.

The program is learning with fun through a story. It includes classroom activities with concept videos, student videos, exercises, lot of examples and games. Every student is made to participate in the speaking exercises, team activities, role plays and games. Students are also made to assess the speakers which provide a distinguished learning experience. 

There are different batches according to the age groups. Contact us for specific details on venue, timing etc. 

Take away benefits:
1) Improvement in Public Speaking – Improvising content, effective delivery, techniques for preparation and practice.

2) Proper introduction on meeting new people.

3) Better performance in school–answer the questions asked by the teacher, speak on a topic, asking doubt in the class, etc.

4) Improved performance in competitions- elocution, recitation, etc.

5) Confident performance (anything like dance, sing, speak, recite) on stage.

For More Details: Call 9870295945/ 9870116557 and visit

1. How many students will be there in one class?
Ans: Around 15- students in one batch.

2. Will all the children get to participate in the activities?
Ans: Yes, we make every child participate in the activities. Apart from this, every child has to speak at the end of the workshop in front of audience (including parents).

3. Will such a small intervention help the child?
Ans: Yes, all the concepts relating to Public Speaking are explained in the workshop through a story in an easy to understand language and an interesting way. The concept is explained to the children keeping in mind the different styles of learning – VAKT (visual, audio, kinesthetic, tactile). The children love to watch the videos and grasp the concept using multiple senses.

4. Will we get any written material for future reference?
Ans: A complete self-help book is given to the children in which all the concepts are explained. The book also contains links for the learning videos which make the learning interesting and simple for the children.

5. How my child will be different after attending this workshop?/ What difference will it make to my child?
Ans: This workshop will help the child in increasing his/her self- confidence. The child understands the dos and donts of presenting himself/ herself which leaves a positive impression on the people with whom they interact.

In the recent workshops, students showed a remarkable improvement during the workshop. 

Watch this video:  why learn Public Speaking

Student Feedback:

6. My child is already very bold and forthcoming? Will this workshop be useful for her?
Ans: It’s a good thing that your child is bold and forthcoming. This workshop will give the right inputs which will make him/her perform this art perfectly and stand out in the crowd.

7. My child is shy. How a workshop of just few hours will change her?
Ans: In this workshop, the whole concept of Public Speaking is explained in the step by step way. The child will get to know what things he/ she is supposed to do to speak well to a group. As she will start using the learnings of the workshop, her Public Speaking will improve.

8. Will there be any follow-up sessions?
Ans: No. It’s a standalone workshop. A book is given for revising the concept and practicing. Making Champs has a channel on youtube. On this channel, there are number of videos available. You can subscribe this channel to improve your Public Speaking skills further. 

9. What else the students are required to do to improve their Public Speaking?
Ans: Nothing can replace practice. Students have to speak to group and practice public speaking whenever they get opportunity.  Revising the concepts and completing the exercises given at the back of each chapter in the book will be helpful. 

10. Will this program have any effect on the performance of the child in School?
Ans: Yes definitely. The child will become more assertive, vocal and participative in the school. His/ her performance in elocution, interaction with teacher and peers will improve.

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