Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Is the world becoming more unsafe for children?

Kidnapping cases have increased a lot .Even roads are unsafe for children because traffic has increased and more accidents are there. They do not know how to cross the road.

700 children are getting kidnapped per day. The kidnapper’s strikes when children are at home alone and hurt them and make them beg. They do not have any self defense. In the olden days this would not happen, as joint families used to be there and someone would be there to take care of the children.
Nowadays, most parents are working and they leave the children in the Daycare with the servants, the servants could also blackmail the children and do bad things with them.

Children have their own e-mail accounts which are not legal; they are legal after 18 years. Children have chats with unknown people and share their important information with them. They also have conversations with unknown people who could be kidnappers.

But now child labor is banned by the government. Government has started making schools for poor children. The beggars are taken to orphanage. They get fresh and clean food and water. In olden days the marriages of children were at an early age now the minimum age is 18.

First when they know that the child who is going to born is a girl they would kill her before the child is even born, now which has decreased a lot. I cannot decide on one of them because it is both ways that it is unsafe also and safe also .Be safe with your children and be alert.

June 2015
Jiya Pahade, 4th Std, St. Mary's ICSE School

Only last week, a girl was kidnapped by a carpenter and a housemaid from her building. It came out later that her uncle had kidnapped and murdered her due to some family fights. Is the world becoming unsafe for children with the technological advancement?

I think that it is becoming more unsafe for children and the preventive measures taken are not enough. Back in the olden days, people were honest and content. But these days, people have become dishonest and greedy. More and more people are kidnapping children for ransom.

Children are becoming more and more unsafe in the modern times. In the olden days, there was no concept of running away from their homes as they were too much afraid of the consequences. But more and more children are running away from their homes because of fear that they will get lots of punishment for not getting good marks or some other reasons.

Children are kidnapped mainly when they are alone. In the olden days, there were joint families and there were many people to take care of the children. But these days, there are mainly nuclear families and children have to stay alone because 51% families have both parents working so many times children have to stay alone as there are no family members to take care of the children. The kidnappers strike when the children are alone for ransom. If not for ransom, they kidnap them, hurt them and force them to beg.

Even technology has a part to play in the matter. Mobile phones did not exist in the olden days, but now they could be used for blackmailing children. 59% of children start social media before the age of ten. 43% of children have already sent messages to strangers before the age of twelve. They tend to give away valuable personal information.

There were not many vehicles in the olden days, but with the increasing traffic and vehicles, even the roads have become unsafe for children.

Kidnappers are on the lookout. Prevent your child from using social media. So please be safe with your children and be alert.

June 2015
Harsh Pahade, 7th Std, St. Mary's ICSE School

You must have seen it yourself orphanage, caring about children and not caring about children. I hope you are not wondering at least. Yes, the world is becoming more unsafe to children and it is not only one or 10 or hundreds of people but it is everyone the people, government, citizens etc. We only do all this for our goods and fancies. In few places there are rules like – there has to be a girl or a boy, or if a girl is born she has to be killed and there are many more rules, regulation and cases. This is not done in only one country or in one place it is been done in every place.

This is altogether not caring for children.

Few e.g. Child labour - children are made to work under the age of 15 which should not be done. Few children’s parent’s die and they have to live in orphanage in no benefits or a very few of them even they are not sent to school as their parents don’t have to play the fees. All this is increased these days and newer days it is increasing and increasing.

The causes are traffic, business etc. the restriction for all this could be aware de for people who are careful about their children. So then everyone would do it if there are more of organizations and civilizations all this would stop.

Now we have phones and electronic gadgets through which we have our children helpline. So, all this is wrong but as I told you we all can stop it.  

June 2015
Rishika Bansal, 5th Std, Avalon Heights International School

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