Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Short Essay - Mumbai Rains

Our students had to write their feelings on "Mumbai Rains". This is what one of our students wrote:

Who can resist the cooling showers of rain after the torrid heat? Our being an agricultural country even our farmers await the monsoon season.

Mumbai being a coastal area receives rain from June till September. Come June  and the sky lets down  torrents of rain. After sizzling  high temperatures , the rainy season bring cool gentle and fresh climate. It is glorious season with lush green trees and feeling of happiness everywhere.  Monsoon is a time of great fun especially for children.  Children love to play in puddles, make paper boats. Also hot tea and pakodas, are enjoyed.  But this is good if you are at home tucked in cozy sofa lazily reading a book. The incessant rains, muddy roads full of potholes soon steal the joy of the season.  Water logging  in most places affect lives.  Lots of diseases spread through contaminated food and water.

But this year, the story was completely different. This time the fun of getting soaked to the bone started in July, draught threatened the city, none of our lakes have been filled yet. It is a fact that global warming and reckless cutting of trees are causing these erratic rains.

We really need to take care of our environment so that we can enjoy many more of our monsoons.

August 2014
Tanush Bhansali, 5th Std, North Point ICSE School

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