Saturday, 2 April 2016

Mahaveer Jayanti Competition Rules

Mahaveer Jayanti 2016

Online Elocution Competition

Rules For Competition


1. Language: Hindi or English
2. First round will be conducted virtually.
3. The speaker has to deliver the speech and record it on the smart phone. Then he has to upload the video of the recorded speech on or using coupon code MK007 or MK008
4. Video once submitted, will be considered as the final entry.
5. The videos have to be submitted as it is, strictly without any editing. Any tampering with the video will disqualify the submission.
6. Evaluation will be based on 2 inputs – 1) the assessment of the Judge and 2) the popularity.
7. Once the video is submitted by the participant, it will be uploaded on youtube. Popularity will be decided on the basis of number of likes the video gets.
8. 3 speakers will be shortlisted in each category.
9. List of shortlisted speakers will be communicated on the notice board of the temple as well as on the social media. Shortlisted participants will have to make the same/similar speech, to the full audience on the day of Mahaveer Jayanti.
10. Final ranking of 1,2 and 3 will be decided on the basis of speech presented on Mahaveer Jayanti in the temple.
11. Judges will assess the speech on the basis of relevance of the content, adherence to the time limit and speech delivery.

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